Movies are the new TV

Everyone is saying that TV is where all the interesting movies are being made now.  What they don’t talk about is how movies are becoming more like TV.  Hollywood movies are almost entirely franchises at this point.  In other words they are serialized episodes that go on and on – like TV.  Low budget films are being squeezed so much that they don’t have the money to shoot anything cinematic, so the films look more and more like bad TV.  

TV, on the other hand, is starting to embrace “closed stories” – ie. a series may have 8-10 episodes that contain one maid story.  In other words, they have a beginning and an end.  TV used to be a place where the only end that ever came was when a show got cancelled.  Maybe what we used to think of as a feature film – which was really only 2 hours because that’s how long most bladders can hold it – will one day be more of a short story format.  TV, which has no bladder limit, could be more novelistic.  

Of course, it would be nice if TV would tighten their scripts, like features demand, so there wouldn’t be long boring parts.   Budgets in TV seem huge compared to anything in low budget films now, and they are slowly becoming more cinematic.  And of course, everyone is getting into TV now because they all need to work.  So as talent leaves the film world, film will get worse.  And as it goes to TV, let’s hope it gets better.


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