A lot of people ask me about the music in the film, so besides referring you to Dean and Britta, who did the soundtrack and have a few albums of excellent music, and Luna, their old band, here’s the complete song list.  I’ll update it with links when I have time, but, for now here’s what’s in the film.  Everyone should download these awesome bands.


“Someone Else” The Working Title

“Black Postcards” Luna

“When There is No Crowd” White Fence

“Eyes In My Smoke” Dean and Britta

“Malibu Love Nest” Luna

“We Dress Ourselves” Princess Katie and Racer Steve

“Harvest Moon” Pepper Rabbit

“Mermaid Eyes” Luna

“After the Moment” Craft Spells

“Radio” My Hero

“Well Well Well Well” The Satin Peaches

“I Found It Not So” Dean and Britta

“Show You Mine” Alyx

“Ramona” Craft Spells

“Night Nurse” Dean and Britta

“Knives From Bavaria” Dean and Britta

“Ticking is The Bomb” Luna

“Big Toe” Xray Eyeballs

“We Are the Dinosaurs” Laurie Berkner

“All I Ask” Theodore

“All Things Merry” Britta Phillips

“The Day Summer Fell” The Sand Pebbles


8 thoughts on “PRICE CHECK SONG LIST

  1. This is awesome! Thank you. I caught Price Check at Sundance and really loved the soundtrack. When I got home I wanted to download all the songs but I couldn’t find any info online. But now I can!

  2. Of course the only song I want is “All Things Merry” by Britta Phillips, the one song not available anywhere…Britta or someone, if you’re reading this, please let me know where I can purchase it! At least, if that’s the song playing when Pete gets fired. You can e-mail me at Thanks!

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