CHASING SLEEP is now available online for free and legal streaming.



And soon to be streaming on NETFLIX.


3 thoughts on “CHASING SLEEP ON HULU

  1. I’ve just seen it on Netflix and I can’t wait for your next one. “Chasing Sleep” was very good, I wish I could have seen it in a old movie theater like the one we have in town. I have seen thousands of movies and it is getting more and more difficult to discover any good one.
    Hopefully one day, you’ll make a movie about these varicose converse!
    All the best with your new project.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Cecile. I just finished a film called PRICE CHECK, which will hopefully come out next year. Unfortunately, it’s not about varicose converse, but I would love to make a movie about varicose converse. Have to get my act together.

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