Indie Rock and Indie Film

With Sundance coming up, I was thinking about the similarities between Indie Rock and Indie Film.  Some of this dated, but I was just thinking about the connections.

Think about the garage band quality of a lot of Indie Film.  Think about how it’s mostly white, 20-somethings musing about their lives and relationships.  Are these bands or films working in the genre of indie, and limiting themselves because of that?

Think about the relationship between indie bands and the big labels, accusations of selling out, and how that jibes with indie filmmakers when they make bigger studio movies.  Are they selling out?  Did they ever have any artistic interests?  Does better production value mean losing some heart?

How did the branding of indie rock help to kill it?  Or with indie film?  Once that brand is established, how can the new indie film or music hope to break through?   Or different indie film or music?  Or different cultural film or music?   Is indie a brand, or a genre, or really a way to differentiate from corporations?

How sick are you of hearing indie guitar bands?  How sick of you of quirky character dramas full of self-centered importance?

Indie Rock might have started out with indie lables, but, like indie film, many of them were consumed by the studios.  More recently, the big labels, like the film studios, have mostly gotten out of the indie business all together, deciding it wasn’t worth their time.  You can find some great new indie bands out there, doing all sorts of different stuff.  Indie film?  There’s some of it around, but it’s hard to find outside of that garage band aesthetic.


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