Film, art and life

Tarantino loves to tell interviewers that his life is movies; that nothing will, or should, interfere.  He has said that he’s not going to have kids because now is his time for making movies.   Basically he is saying that he will not participate in life because he’s too busy making movies.

Part of me, the part having stuff thrown in my face by my kid as I write this, is envious of Tarantino.  Tarantino has made a lot more movies than me and all of them got more attention than the one I made.  But then, except for his first couple films, which had Keitel or Samuel Jackson providing the emotional lifting, his films are lifeless renditions of the idea of movie cool.  I’m sure Tarantino lost a lot of his cool when he turned 40 – I know I did – so what’s left?   What experiences does he have to draw on that have any relationship to the lives that most of us lead – you know, the ones who do get married and have kids or go to college or do other ordinary things?

I didn’t mean to rag on Tarantino because I think most of Hollywood has the same problem – it’s just that Tarantino brags about it.  In Hollywood, they are all driven, hard working overachievers who don’t have the time or ability to connect with their spouses or their kids.  So who do we see in Hollywood movies?  Driven, hard working overachievers who can’t connect with their spouses or kids.  How many times have you seen the plot where the hero’s(or heroine’s) only flaw is that they are too committed to their job to have a relationship that works?  That’s not all we get.  We get spoiled kids that are supposed to be cute.  We get wives that are 20 years younger than their husbands (whose neighborhood does that happen in?).  We get a lot of gawking over fancy cars and other expensive stuff.   These people are so lost in their world of movie deals and power lunches that they have no idea how the rest of the world actually lives.

What you get, more often than not, is their mundane fantasy of what it must be like living life, because they have no idea.

If it works at all, it’s because it rests on the emotional talents of its stars. In Hollywood, and in the movies it makes, stars are the most important thing.    Life takes a bit part.


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