After the Apocalypse

I saw District 9 last night (good movie), but there were five trailers that all featured different degrees of the end of the world. What’s going on?

One factor is probably that, in their rush to build on franchises, Hollywood has been buying up video games and making movies out of them, and a good deal of them take place in some sort of apocalyptic world.

Then there’s the idea that Hollywood has to continually up the ante on special effects – and the grand daddy of them all is watching the world get blown up.

There have been apocalyptic films before, but I was hard pressed to think of any that were made before 1970. Obviously, nuclear weapons were part of it and probably still are.

It probably also has to do with the fact that many of these films were greenlit back when the economy was right on the edge of the cliff that it was about to fall off of: about a year and a half ago.

Hopefully this isn’t some sort of cosmic sign sent to us to warn us. I remember that just before 9/11 there was a sudden surge in the movies that had important shots of the WTC. There was even a Spider Man trailer where Spidey caught a helicopter with a web spun between the twin towers.

Anyway, enough is enough. As I said, there were five trailers and except for Jennifer’s Body, they all took place after the apocalypse. There was even a Zombie comedy with Woody Harrelson. And these trailers didn’t include 2012 or The Road. It’s hard to imagine that all of these are going to find an audience because they all look the same.


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