Worse than the idea that the recession has made it harder to make a movie is the idea that all we are going to see at the movies for the foreseeable future is this semi-comedic, heart-warming, too-cute, life-affirming, overcoming impossible obstacles, sentimental schmaltz. You know the drill. Movies they’ll show at your AA meeting.

I didn’t see the Soloist, but from the trailer, yuck. Even if it’s good, yuck. I finally made it to State of Play (pretty good. I was the youngest in the theater by forty years and I’m forty) and the previews included two cancer movies and an expecting parents comedy, all guaranteed to bring the teardrops and the love of life that I find an abuse of the power of the movies. Just watch a GE commercial and you get that same buzz. Here’s some links to the trailers so you can have a taste of what’s in store. Grab a bucket before you watch, and not one with popcorn in it.

Here’s the two cancer flicks. Full of appreciating life bullshit.


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