Talk about cynicism. What’s Hollywood’s answer to declining box office and DVD sales? 3-D! Why? Forget about it being about making a new art form. They like 3-D because they can charge more! They like it because it costs them almost nothing to turn their computer animated crap into 3-D. They like it because it’s for kids and kids see more movies than adults.

Will it work? It will, in the short term, earn them more money on their kids films. As a solution to all their problems, it’s not even going to scratch their itch. And even if it did, TVs are now shipping as 3D ready.

I never got 3-D anyway. Movies work in part because they are sort of 3-D anyway. It’s part of the illusion of film itself. 3-D is just a gimmick. Don’t you love that when Hollywood gets threatened, they pull out the same old tricks that didn’t work in the first place? As long as they make a little more money, they really don’t give a shit.


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