At the multiplex

Taking a look at the multiplex this week and I’m surprised that there’s a few films out there I want to see. This is March, which is usually a desolate time for films in theaters.

There’s your usual kids movies. If you’re a kid, there’s always something to see at the movies. Coraline was much better than most of the crap that’s usually served up for kids. It was actually great: cinematic, moving, unsettling, imaginative (the ingredient missing most from kids films, or all films I guess.) Then for kids, there’s Mall Cop and Jonas Brothers. Luckily, my kids hate the Jonas Bros, but I may still have to sit through Mall Cop.

I want to see Watchman and I still haven’t seen The Wrestler. Slumdog was good.

Taken, The International and Street Fighter all look like mediocre action pics, but each one has something going for it. I’d be happy to try out any of them, with low expectations.

There’s the perpetual horror film (usually a remake), this time Friday 13th. I guess I’ll skip it, but it wouldn’t kill me to see it.

Rounded off with two chick flicks and a black flick. Chick flicks are pretty new on the scene, but are apparently delivering box office. Too bad they make chicks look like hot, stupid people. The Tyler Perry has a very specific audience, which is not me, but more power to him.

All in all, not a bad selection and a full 14 movies for the theaters 16 screens, which isn’t bad either. Sometimes there’s only 8! Too bad every other theater out here has the same 14 films. Studios continue to stifle our selection and they will pay when piracy takes over for that very reason.


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