I know I’ve gone on about how handheld camera sucks before, but IT JUST WON’T STOP. Can someone please tell any and all indie filmmakers that they see that directing a film is more than just pointing a camera in a general direction and hoping for the best? Please, spread the word! And for any producers who read this, if you’re talking style to your director and he says something like, “for this we want a gritty, realism, so I’m going handheld”, please don’t let them! They have decided to not use their imagination! They are not creating anything! They are not bringing anything new or exciting to the table! Handheld is that silent partner of the crappy improv movie. “Don’t write the script, don’t storyboard, just let’s have a single idea and see what we happens when we point a camera at it”, as if magic is somehow going to shoot out of the actors ass and make your movie good. It’s like putting a stamp across every frame of your film that says, “look at me! I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing!” Please, stop this madness! Use a dolly! Use a tripod! THINK about where your camera should go in order to tell your story on a shot-by-shot basis!


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