Netflix future

I just got a blu-ray DVD player, but the really mind-blowing part of it isn’t the quality. I haven’t even watched a blu-ray dvd yet. It’s that it is networked and I can watch Netflix movies on demand.

There is no question in my mind that this is the way of the future. It is completely convenient, gets the movies and TV up onto your TV and – I would have never bet on this one – you pay for it.

I’m not going to describe the mindnumbing process of how it works. It just works. And it’s easy. You can watch pretty much any movie you want right away. The quality is good and will probably get better. What more do you need to know.

Netflix does movies. That’s probably all they should do. (I think it’s a good thing that they got out of the production business). In the perfect world, we could get all of the video we want on the TV, which I think should mean some form of channel-guided system.

There’s really no need to watch youtube on your widescreen TV. Part of its charm is its lousy quality and the shortness of its clips.

There seems to be some effort, maybe forced by the studios, to keep hard drives off of our TV sets. Streaming is, I’m guessing, supposed to provide us with the answer of how people can get content and pay for it, without copying it all over the place. It’s a rental model, not an ownership one.

I can see this working to an extent, but eventually, as I’ve said before, the hard drive is going to get there whether they like it or not. They still have to figure that problem out.

Plus, I have no idea how Netflix pays the studios, but even if they pay them a lot, they don’t have that many subscribers. That number is sure to skyrocket this year, but it’s still not going to provide that revenue stream all on its own. This is a taste of the future, right now, but it’s just one taste. There are surely more flavors to come.


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