Where did all the stars go?

Last week was an awful week for the film business, but you might not have noticed some of the biggest examples of Hollywood’s self-destructive ways.

I’m sure everyone noticed the train wreck that was the Oscars last night. But did you notice that it was a completely geriatric affair? There was hardly anyone on stage under 35. In the audience, the only ones under 30 were the kids of the stars. Remember that little sketch of Wall-E finding the Oscars tape (a VHS?) in the wasteland of the future? Wasn’t that a little too accurate, or prescient, or something?

There are so few big stars under 30 right now. Who cares, right? But the system that finances films, especially independent films, requires stars. Basically, what has happened is that this requirement of stars in independent films has prevented a new wave of stars from being produced.It used to be that an independent film would have an unknown cast.  What’s the point of doing a film for cheap if you still have all the requirements of a studio film?  Remember when it used to be the golden standard of the art film to use “no stars!”.   An unknown star in an independent film today is tomorrow’s Julia Roberts.  See the problem? Now we have no new generation of stars.  The only stars you can take to the bank and get your film greenlit are over 35 and most are hovering around 50.  It’s just one more problem facing a filmmaker trying to get his film funded.


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