Where’s the money going to come from?

When movies are available for free online, as easily pirated as CDs are now, where is the money going to come from to pay for movies?  I haven’t heard or read anyone who has an idea about this, and I read an awful lot about all of this.  There’s only one source that I see that has any real possibility of maintaining a revenue stream: pay TV.  At some point, people might stop paying for cable, but it’s looking like it will last longer than most of the other options.  Right now, all the pay TV companies are trying to build up the material that they put out because it’s the only way to separate themselves from everything else.  Sure, their stuff will eventually be downloaded, but people want to see things right away and this cable TV habit is a hard one to break.   Ad supported TV is on it’s way out, or down.  Movies, as I’ve discussed before, have no room for anything but the most unoriginal crap and they cost too much.  These cable companies need material, and they can pay for it.  They’re not so hot on films right now, but that might change as the low budget filmmakers become happier with the idea of making low budget films that go straight to cable.  It’s just another stigma that filmmakers have to get over.    

I like the idea of DVD’s paying for the films, but with piracy and the marketing costs, it’s difficult.  A film shown on pay TV will generally get about a million viewers.  If you could get that on DVD, or even in a theater, you’d be doing very well.

Pay TV is the future, as far as I can see.  


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