Tons of movies, and none to see

If I want to see a movie today, there’s about six theaters within a reasonable distance, each with a bunch of screens.  The Cinema De Lux, the closest, is a big theater with 16 screens.  There are 15 movies playing there today, which surprises me, because, usually, there are a lot less.  Today, only Horton Hears a Who is playing on two screens.  15 films may seem like a decent selection, but if you look closely, you find entire audiences are just ignored.  Four of the films are kid’s films.  There’s a Tyler Perry movie, which is for African Americans.  Two horror films, The Ruins and Prom Night.  Prom Night is rated PG-13.  I boycott horror films that are PG-13.  If a movie is scary at all, it gets an R.  The others are a sort of hodge podge of poorly reviewed movies that have been dumped into theaters because this is the season to dump your bad movies.   Maybe I’ll go see The Ruins, which, despite being put out late to avoid getting reviewed, has some decent buzz on the internet.  I’m a little skeptical, because it’s about trees that come to life.  

If I go to any of the other six theaters near me, it doesn’t matter.  They all have the same movies.  In fact, across the entire country, outside of a few cities, this is the choice we have.  The quality season has long since gone and all the Oscar movies are on DVD.  There will, essentially, be no more “quality” movies until November, except for the odd film that gets put out as “counter-programming”.  

Fifteen films.  If you’re a kid, there’s always something to see because Hollywood only makes films for kids.  I have more than fifteen films on DVDs still in their plastic.   Another nail in the coffin of Hollywood.


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