Here is proof that the world of film is not what it appears.  Spider, directed by David Chronenberg, starring Ralph Fiennes is one of the best films of the last ten years.  Ralph Fiennes is incredibly in it, as is Miranda Richardson and Gabrielle Byrne.  Chronenberg’s direction is flawless.  It is different and abstract and interesting.  So what happened to this film?  It came and went.  It didn’t do much business, as far as I know.  It wasn’t nominated for one Academy Award.  

Contrast this with History of Violence, another Chronenberg film.  This one was universally acclaimed, made lots of money and was nominated for Academy Awards.  Like Spider, Chronenberg’s direction is right on.  Viggo Mortenson and Ed Harris are awesome.  But, it’s not a great film.  It’s got some fairly pedantic things to say about the violence in us all, but it goes off the tracks as soon as it’s said them.  It’s a good film, but it’s no Spider.

Where’s the justice in the world?!  And the kicker is… most people would disagree with me.  Of course, they’d be wrong.


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