Ranting about Hollywood

I don’t really know what to put up here right now, so I’m just going to post some rantings that I wrote down.  I’ll add some more.  Don’t expect any complete thoughts here.  For the zero people who read this, enjoy…

Hollywood is dying and the people running the show can’t seem to dig their grave fast enough.  Studios have always played catch up with ideas, but they are so stuck in the past at every level that the distance between what they’re doing and what the audience craves is widening.  The audience is moving on.

Send a script to a studio and wait for the notes you get back.  Development people are completely educated in the 80’s idea of “story” as told by the gurus, McKee and Truby.  Whatever that was good in their ideas, it’s been played to death.  (There was nothing good in their ideas, but that’s another “story”).  It was formula and audiences are sick of it.  It’s not that they are sick of formulas, just that they are sick of those formulas.  It’s dated. 

In any case, these development people rarely get their films made.  They just give people in Hollywood jobs.  Films don’t get made because of their scripts.  They get made because a star agrees to be in it.  That’s really it.  There are a million reasons why stars agree to be in movies, but the number one reason is 20 million dollars.  Or big money, whatever that is. 

The other reasons are a little harder to describe, but they have to do with buzz and stupidity and insecurity and money and power.  

Studios are always chasing the latest “thing”.  If a musical does well, then they all want to make musicals.  This logic, which they have always followed, has stopped working.  It’s like airport security.  It used to work, but it doesn’t anymore.  In fact, airport security is a good analogy.  If an airplane gets hijacked because terrorists are smuggling guns in soda cans, then after they find out about that, they stop letting soda cans on the planes.  But, of course, terrorists have moved on, hiding their guns somewhere else.  It’s the same with audiences.  Studios take too long to get their movies into theaters, and audiences are more saavy about this crap.  Once they’ve seen something, they’re ready for something else.  They don’t want to see the same thing over and over.  They see that on TV.


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