Name changes

The last post seems to have disappeared.  It didn’t say anything worth repeating.  

CHANNEL SURFER is now called LIPSTICK AND SABOTAGE, which is a better name, but maybe still not the best name.   

I’m going to put some concept art up in the MAID’S ROOM section, but that might take a day or two to get it sorted.  MAID’S ROOM is almost completely storyboarded, although that would be just a first draft of storyboards.  I like to do a few passes.  I’m not going to put up the storyboards, just some visual ideas.  

I don’t have much to rant about today.  The last film I saw was Dark Knight, which I didn’t like that much.  It was OK, but Spiderman and Hellboy were both better.  The politics of Dark Knight made no sense.  It seemed to me like they were saying that Dick Cheney and David Addington are real-life superheroes because they broke the law when they “needed to”, which is pretty bogus to me.  I’m sick of superhero movies and I’m even sicker of superhero movies that everyone thinks are awesome.   Damn, I ranted.


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