Enough with the shaky cam

I’ve been sick of the shaky cam for years now, but it just doesn’t seem to get played out.  It’s everywhere.  I hate it.  I hate it in the Bourne movies.  I hate it on TV.  I hate it in indie movies.  It’s all over the place.   It’s so boring.  It means nothing.  It’s not even a style at this point.  It’s supposed to mean that something is real, but it never does.  It just sucks.  

It had it’s place.  The handheld scenes in Dr Strangelove are some of the best scenes in film.  Husbands and Wives, one of the films that started this craze, is one of my favorite films.  But enough already.  Think of something else!  Handheld cameras suck.  Does it really cost that much more to rent a tripod or a dolly?  


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