A Dim Light in Multiplex Darkness?

I was looking for a movie to go and see last week and something strange happened.  There were 8 films playing at the 16 screen theater, but there was also another one which I hadn’t heard of.  It was called DEATH NOTE, and it was only playing one show, at 7:30.  I looked it up on the IMDB and saw it was a Japanese movie, based on an anime, but live action, and most people seemed to like it.   So I went to see it.


It wasn’t playing the next day.  It had only had two shows, Weds. and Thurs, at 7:30, both sold out.  

I went to see IRON MAN, which I had sworn I wasn’t going to see.  It’s incredible that they can keep putting out these bland superhero movies and then marketing them like they have something new in them.  I didn’t want to see Iron Man for the same reasons I won’t see Indiana Jones.  First of all, they suck.  Second of all, I’m tired of being told that I have to see these movies because everyone is going to see them, as if it’s inevitable.  I guess it was inevitable, because I saw IRON MAN.  Anyway, I’m digressing.  This is the Multiplex darkness.

I want to talk about the light.  This Japanese film, with subtitles, that snuck into the theater without any advertising that I could see, and somehow still sold out it’s shows.  How did this thing even get into this theater?   I looked it up a little when I got home.  Here’s what I discovered…

NCM Fathom presents “Death Note” in select theatres nationwide on May 20 and 21. This two-night event features exclusive footage and a behind-the-scenes look at how the characters come to life.

So who is NCM Fathom?


Basically, they seem to be a company that can beam your movie by satellite to mainstream theaters.  They have been doing stuff like live at the Metropolitan Opera, but they are clearly looking to expand what they offer.  

In the future, we are told, that all the studios will be doing this with their films, beaming them to the multiplex to save print costs.   There is a possibility, when the studios do this, of a little more diversity in the multiplex, because if they can keep their P+A costs down, then it’s a little more feasible for them to get smaller movies out there.  I wouldn’t count on it, though, because there’s no way can support their current model without drowning out all the competition.

But right now, there is a tiny little space in the multiplex.  I have no idea how profitable it is.  NCM suggest on their that DVD premieres would be a good choice for this.  I agree.  


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