This is the problem with writing.  There’s never much to talk about.  Actually, the writing has been going well.  I’m rewriting Channel Surfer and it seems to be improving and I’m getting through it relatively quickly.  But writing about it, how boring is that?  

I saw a few movies, but I don’t really want to talk about other movies here, at least not by name.  I’ll just say that most movies are just not good, and the ones that are good aren’t good enough.   I used to wonder why movies suck so much, but now that I have a pretty good understanding about how films get made, I know exactly why they suck.  

And then there’s the law of diminishing returns, which goes something like this.  When people like films these days, and I’ve noticed this as a pattern for the last twenty years, most of my life, they like them in relation to the other films they’ve seen recently.   Sure that movie wasn’t that great, but compared to the last ten movies I saw, it was a fucking masterpiece!  You know how it works.  Over long periods of time, our standards fall significantly.  And if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it can always get worse.  

Had some progress with Maid’s Room.  And Price Check started going out.  If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from filmmaking, it’s this: don’t hold your breath or you’ll suffocate.


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